Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow and more snow

There are only a few gates that I can either open or shut around our permanent snow drifts.  Most of the paddock gates are open so my herd has access to the larger pasture.  When it's cold they are happy to huddle around the hay bale or duck into the barn, but it warmed up to a sunny 20 degrees today, and I was glad to see Mary lead the rest out for a romp in the snow.  It's not healthy for cows to be confined in a small lot for long, though I think it's excusable when the ground is frozen.  I may put the next bale out in the pasture when the weather warms up.

I love to see the young ones kicking up their heels and getting some exercise.  I was also pleased to see that Catalina, my new heifer stayed with the group when they went exploring.  When Jake was new and Molly (my milk cow, now sold) was in charge, the herd was always trying to ditch him in the tall grass.

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