Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buttercup and Trudy again

My sister asked for more photos of the Guinea hogs.  I'm afraid these aren't any better than the last ones, but I hope my hogs will photograph better once they are out on pasture.  They have been patient with their pen in the barn and their rations of alfalfa hay, grain, and stale baked goods, but these guys were made for better things.  When spring comes they will have acres of pasture to explore and consume.  I have high hopes of planting some test plots of field peas, beets, oats, and rapeseed (canola) for hogs to self-harvest.  If these grow well, I can provide nearly 100% of my hog feed right here on Bluestem farm- at least for a season.  Growing my own organic chicken feed is on the project list, too, but probably not for this year.

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