Sunday, December 19, 2010

A good day to tie one on

 Or in this case a case a couple hundred (fence ties, that is.)  Forty degree days in December are a blessing not to be wasted.  I'd been wanting this west paddock finished before spring and with a willing Scott, we got it done today.  Below is Scott's handy field-fence un-roller.  This is just one of the many inventions, small and large, that help make him a FARM GENIUS.  
Scott and the fence un-roller
Building the west paddock
I now have a corral on the south side of the barn, and three paddocks 2-3 acres each.  The rest of the pasture is open.  This isn't enough for a true rotational grazing set up, but it does start to give me some control over my stocking rates.  I need to keep the cows close to home during calving and breeding seasons.  Last year, I repeatedly abused my one paddock by overgrazing it.

If it doesn't grow back well enough in the spring, it may need to be reseeded- not the way to run a sustainable operation!  Now with three paddocks I can rest each of them to maintain good grass growth and diversity.  The other 20 acres of pasture will be an open salad bar until I can get some cross-fencing there too. 

Katherine climbing a locust tree in the west paddock
Katherine helped build fence by playing contentedly in our new 3 acre playpen while we worked.  What more could a kid want than trees to climb, dirt to dig, and by the end of the day- snowflakes to catch.

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