Monday, December 13, 2010

Adding a species

Karen, Katherine, Koda, and duck
Khaki Campbell ducks can average 360 eggs per year, much better than even the most productive chickens.  Why, then, do I get two fresh eggs every morning from my ONE duck and one drake?  Scott's pretty sure I have two ducks, and that would make perfect sense, except I have frequently observed them engaging in the duck/drake dance.  (Their daily delivery of fresh bathing water is usually cause for celebration.)  That and both eggs are always laid in a single nest, lead me to think that I do indeed have one special duck.  Now, I did employ the fine art of day-old-waterfowl sexing when I bought these guys, but I had only read about it in a book and I wouldn't stake my reputation on the results.  No photos of this process, either.  They might not pass the sensors of this blog.


Sheila said...

What a tease! Can't you share for us vicarious farmers what the fine art of day-old-waterfowl sexing entails?

The Fickle Ewe said...

If they are old enough to lay they are old enough to sex. Male Campbells will have a green head and one curled feather on their tale. I am convinced you have two females.

The Fickle Ewe said...

Thats Tail Haaahaaa.